Our Story



Our History

Our journey began in 2004 when a team of committed professionals from the business, finance and pharmaceutical sectors joined forces. After years of steady growth, we have established ourselves as a leading pharmaceutical distributor in Zimbabwe. We aspire to give first world customer service in a third world context.

Our Purpose
Pulse Pharmaceuticals is a vertically integrated group which prides itself on understanding the Zimbabwean community’s unique health and lifestyle challenges. We aspire to give the healthcare fraternity the confidence to focus on its core business which is sustaining our community’s well-being. Our motto is Do Good, Do well.

Our People

We started with a team of 5 and have grown to 89 people. From the onset we worked towards  creating a company that Zimbabweans are proud of, want to work for and can express themselves in.
Together we have learned that when you meet the needs of people with optimism and sustainable execution, growth and  progress are sure to follow.

Our Partners

Our delivery model is established on relationships with reputable local and international principals. These include, Johnson & Johnson, Aspen, Gilead Sciences, Scanpharm, Aurobindo, Unichem, Pica among others. We also have a retail pharmacy working partnership with Medix Group of Pharmacies Zimbabwe.